Live Sale Rules:

After claiming on my live sale you need to fill out the contact form at the bottom of my website, please include your TikTok username so I know who to make the invoice out too! Your live sale claim will not be added if you do not fill this out.

Live sale invoices are posted within 24hrs after the live ends, once they are posted you have only 48hrs to pay. If you do not pay your basket then you will be blocked from claiming on my future live sales, if you have any issues with payment please reach out!

What is the current Processing Time?

3-5 days

How will my order come?

Each order is either shipped in a blue bubble mailer or appropriate sized box, with your packing slip, thank you card and freebies like incense and candy!

How many crystals come in the mystery boxes?

It all depends on what you want, you can ask for more quantity over quality or vice versa!

Will my order be packed on TikTok?

If you would like your order to be packed on TikTok please add TikTok packaging to your order to ensure it being packed on camera! If you forget to add it then you can always leave an order note asking!